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If you have any installation error like this :
OpenGL 2.0 renderer not supported! Reason
OpenGL 2.0 is not supported
OpenGL 1.4 renderer not supported! Reason
OpenGL 1.3 is not supported
Texture is too large: 2048x2048, maximum supported size: 1024x1024

Follow this step to solve the problem :
  1. Ensure you are using the latest version of Angry Birds.
  2. Type dxdiag on search at start button and press enter.
  3. Check your graphic card at display menu.
  4. Check with your computer/graphics card manufacturer for the latest driver on the web(In my case Intel Corporation)
  5. Go to manufacturer web and type your graphic card, download the latest update and install.
  6. DO IT MANUALLY, do NOT use auto update, it usually not take effect!!
  7. Restart your PC after the installation.
  8. ENJOY!!